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Winter Frost

Winter frost, most times I hate it. But every once in a while, like this morning, I see some that makes me take a second look. Every season offers it’s own unique opportunities for all […]

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Happy New Year

Well another New Year has arrived, so welcome to 2019. With the New Year came snow. To be totally honest, I hate snow. It’s cold, wet and makes people drive like idiots. Sometimes snow can […]

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We have our first guest photographer.

Hi, I am excited to share with you my first guest photographer on the site. Her name is Christina and you can look at some of her pictures here. She is just starting out so […]

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Lazy Saturday Morning

So it’s early Saturday morning, like 6ish, and #5 (Sister Sarah) came over to go to the farmer’s market. I did some updating on the website this morning before her arrival, and I think that […]

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